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How do I place an order?

You can place an order online, or via phone or fax. Orders are placed within 24 hours and are generally shipped out US mail. We offer additional shipping options as well, including overnight.

How do I obtain my contact lens prescription?

Call your eye care provider and request a copy of your current contact lens prescription or simply take the parameters from your current box of contacts. Eye care providers are required by law to provide you with your contact lens prescription.

Do I need to verify if my prescription is current and valid?

No. Once you give us your contact lens prescription information, we will then verify it with your eye care provider. If there are any discrepancies with your prescription, you will be notified within 48 hours of placing your order.

Can I order different contact lenses than my doctor has prescribed?

No. We can only legally fill the prescription given by your doctor. If you want to try a different type of contact lens, you will need to contact your doctor’s office. 

Can I return contact lenses if my doctor changes the prescription?

Yes. We will gladly accept your contact lenses back as long as the boxes are unopened and are not expired. We will give you a credit towards the purchase of the new prescription.

Can I use my vision insurance to purchase contacts from

We currently do not accept insurance on If you would like you use your insurance to purchase contact lenses, please call us at 636-938-2602 - M-Th: 8am to 6pm CST, Fri: 9am to 5pm CST, or Sat: 8am to 1pm CST.

Why order from ClarksonContacts?

Value, Convenience and trust delivered directly to you. That's what you get when you choose ClarksonContacts for your contact lens needs. We offer a full line of contacts including two-week, daily disposable, bifocal, and toric (astigmatism) lenses. We have great prices-as good as other 1-800 and internet warehouses. As eye care professionals, we understand the importance of speed and accuracy when it comes to ordering your contact lenses. That's why we've designed the ordering process and this website with you in mind.

Are contacts from ClarksonContacts the same quality I would receive from my eye care provider?

Yes. You receive the exact same contact lenses as you would from your regular eye care provider. We have all major brands, including Bausch & Lomb, Ciba Vision, Coopervision, Hydrogel and Johnson and Johnson.

What is the benefit of ordering online?

Ordering online offers you the convenience of being able to place your contact lens order 24 hours a day, seven days a week.




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      The material presented on this website is provided for informational purposes only. Always follow your eye care professional's advice for proper contact wear and care. Discontinue use of contacts if any pain or discomfort occurs.

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