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Eye Exam
The best way to ensure healthy vision is to make sure every member of your family has a regular comprehensive eye exam. Yearly eye examinations guarantee that preventative measures and necessary treatments can be prescribed to keep eyes functioning. Regular eye exams are essential in maintaining eye health.

A comprehensive eye exam from Clarkson Eyecare includes:

  • Dilation to enable your doctor to view the internal structures of your eye
  • General health screening for physical conditions and prescription medications that may affect your eyesight
  • Visual acuity or refraction test to determine the degree to which you may be nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism
  • Muscle test to identify any muscle weakness or involuntary eye movement
  • Binocular vision skills assessment to assure your eyes work together properly as a team; important for proper depth perception, eye muscle coordination and the ability to change focus from near to far objects
  • Tonometry test to measure internal eye pressure and detect glaucoma
  • Eye health assessment using an ophthalmoscope, enabling your doctor to evaluate pupil responses, the optic nerve, retina, cornea and lens

Other testing may include:

  • Visual field test to measure peripheral vision and detect diseases of the eyes or neurological disorders
  • Color vision screening for color perception and neurological evaluation
  • Stereopsis or depth perception evaluation
  • Gonioscopy or anterior segment evaluation
  • GDx Nerve Fiber Analysis
  • Pachymetry or corneal thickness measurements

To make an appointment at Clarkson Eyecare for your yearly comprehensive eye exam,
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